New Works

Native Lion Fish

Time keeps a changin'


Grim Reaper

Flower garden

Man and the maze

Pirate Pin-up

Baby Blocks

howling wolf

Native feather


Portrait work

Raven and string
Canadian Goose
Haida Tree with 3 birds for her kids

African Safari
Sleepy Hollow Tree
Before Picture of grafted skin on neck which will be tattooed to match rest of the skin colour
After Picture of tattooed skin on neck 
celtic knot with tribal pattern
Blue Dragon

         Spider Web            

Tattoo After cover-up ...see below picture
Cover-up before ...see above picture
Haida Whale
Lilies and a skull

Star Wars

Tribal Dragon

Large Mouth Bass

Magical elements


Purple flowers

Thor's Hammer and Anchor

Haunted House

Kokanee Creek Lake, BC